Saturday, June 10, 2006

Meet the Rownds

I've always been the president of my brother's fan club. Most of you know my brother,
Aaron, right? And so I'm so happy that he's happy. Part of the reason for that is the
special person in his life. I thought I'd introduce you to her since you'll be seeing her
throughout the posts that follow. Her name is Pamela Rownd, and she's a terrific
person...confident, intelligent, funny, accomplished, competitive, kind, interesting,
and active enough to keep up with Aaron! These two have the combined energy of
a supernova, making a dynamic couple clearly suited for each other. They met

during their graduate studies at Notre Dame and have been together around a year
now, certainly bringing out the best in each other. She lives in Toledo, two hours
from where he is in Granger (South Bend, IN area). Without further ado...

Pam has two adorable daughters. While I'd heard a lot about both of them, I just
had the pleasure of meeting them during this visit. I had one weekend with them
before David got there, but we were both taken with them immediately.

Lauren, age 5

And Meghan, age 2
Lauren and Meghan are both sweet and beautiful. Their personalities are pretty
different though. Being with them, you really get to experience all sides of the
spectrum. It's fantastic.

Of course, you know that Aaron has two kids, as well. Aidan, age 6 and
Catherine, age 4. I'm the President of their fan clubs too...It's a busy life! : )

When you put them together, they make The Brady Bunch! You can't miss 'em.

The kids get along really well, having non stop fun.

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