Saturday, June 10, 2006


Yes, David is a close - very close - second. But it's Killian that has my heart
wound tightly around his little paw. And there it shall stay. The purpose of our
trip home was for my brother's graduation from Notre Dame, but I told Killian it was
to visit with him, and he seemed pretty happy with that. Good enough for me! My
saintly in-laws, Jim and Sandy, have taken such good care of him while we've been
in Ireland. I don't know how we'll ever make it up to them. They love him like he was
their own, and as a result, he is absolutely flourishing and is quite at home there.
This (below) is his couch. He perches up on the arm rest like that when he wants
you to come snuggle and nap with him. How freakin' cute is he?!

Killian has grown a lot in the last couple of months. In fact, he's gained fifteen
pounds since he's been with his grandparents and now weighs in at eighty-five
pounds, which I think will be as big as he'll get. He is still such a puppy though,
which makes me really happy! He hasn't changed a bit - still sweeter than honey.
Like Sandy says, only a puppy would do like he does, never trying to hide any
mischeif he gets into. He is such a good boy though. His mischief doesn't
include anything too harmful - his favorite past time involves panties and socks,
for sure. He's always happy to bring those kinds of finds to you! Not far behind
that is chasing the cats, digging an occassional hole, playing fetch, playing in
the sprinkler (which is so fun to watch), going for walks, snuggling, and heading
down to the barn each morning and night to take care of Cruise, the horse.
Following are some pictures I took of him while I was home...

Cigar, anyone?

After a session of FUN playing in mom's new landscaping sprinkler, Killian settled
in a cool spot on a hot day while we finished working in the yard.

So eager to please and ever attentive...

And there's that puppy side of him I was talking about!

Close up!! He's always been interested in his mommy's camera.

This is Belle and Callie, Killian's best friends. If you're one of my ten faithful
readers, you've seen them before. Such good girls. They have done a lot to
socialize Killian and are surely much of the reason he so naturally melted into
life with Jim and Sandy. Seeing him with them has made us know for certain
that we'll be getting another puppy once we get home again and Killian is all
settled into our new place and life with us. After this visit, I now know that
won't take long at all. He picked up with us just as if we never left. I was so
afraid he wouldn't remember us...Thankfully, all that worrying was for nothing!
Interestingly, he didn't recognise us visually or by the sound of our voice at first,
but it only took one sniff, and he knew exactly who we were! It was pretty cool,

Jim Phillips just emailed us this pic of Killian, taken on their/his couch. He sent it
to us with a note from Killi...So cute. I must share. (Thanks, Jim! You made our day!)
"Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands/mouth.
Don't they know, its time for breakfast! Whooof.
Love, (paw prints must be imagined)

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