Saturday, June 10, 2006

With Honors

Notre Dame is a beautiful campus and a great school. It's especially nice to go
there on graduation day! Aaron entered Notre Dame's Executive MBA Program
two years earlier. This May was his last semester, and so it was (finally!) time for
him to cash in -- walk across that stage, pick up his diploma and know that he
did it. He finally finished this program that he worked so hard through. And not
only was it rigorous, but he conquered it while working full time, being a single
dad, having a long distance relationship with Pam, moving into a new place, and
just to keep it interesting, they started training for a half marathon the last few
months of this past semester!

He did all that and still managed to graduate with honors. In fact, both him and
Pamela did. (And she too did this working full time and with two kids.) Talk about
Aaron has worked so hard to get to where he is today, and I am SO
PROUD, not only of what he has accomplished but who he is and aspires yet
to be. He's destined for great things, and is entering an entirely new chapter
in his life. I hope he knows how special he is to us! We love you, Aaron!

Me with the graduate in front of Touchdown Jesus

Aaron and David

Aaron holding his diploma. With that in hand, I bet the sun looks a little bit brighter!

And here's the whole clan. From left, that's Aaron holding Catherine and Meghan,
Lauren is posing for the camera in front of them, Aidan is by Aaron's side, then
that's David pushing the stroller, and finally, Pam on the far right, basking in the
joy of knowing she doesn't have to go home to study.

Aidan and Catherine were so good on graduation day! It was a long ceremony
to sit through, but they did just that, like a couple of angels. They sacrificed time
with their dad while he was in this program. I have a feeling they'll enjoy his
freedom just as much as he will.

Aaron and Pam stopped for a couple pictures after the ceremony. What a cute

The more the merrier -- and all together, this is a merry group!

Samara and David

The exact moment that mattered most of all the whole day through...

Aidan with his dad...Those boys!

I don't know why, but I love this picture. After the ceremony everyone was
hungry. We headed to the Mendoza School of Business for brunch. Aaron
carried Catherine and Meghan.

No lack of celebration today!!



Trujen said...

Congrats to Aaron and Pam! And what beautiful pictures Sam! They are all so nice. I bet your brother would like to have some of those printed and framed!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Neice whatGreat pictures! Thanks for the updates on our family! Keep up the Great work! See you in October! Love and Prayers Aunt Marilyn