Friday, July 08, 2011

{A Few Minutes Together at the Golden Hour}

You have to savor the good moments, you know? Appreciate time together. Foster
passions. Observe nature. Create opportunities. Change your scenery.

David noticed a wheat field on one of his runs back in May. He thought the evening sun
made it glow beautifully and that it might make a good photo op for me. We ended up
going down there together with our cameras to play with the light.

This was six weeks ago, but I was looking at the photos recently and felt inspired to
share them. They remind me of where we were in that moment -- it was a monumentally strange day for us, but this was a nice and needed pause in it.

Here are my captures ...

And these are his ...

One of my intentions for the rest of this month is to focus my energy on doing this very
sort of thing -- taking time to do little things like this that leave me feeling grounded,
connected, creative, strong, calm, accomplished, and happy. It doesn't matter if they're spontaneous or planned, as I take advantage of the opportunities to do them.

Life is what you make of it!


Ashley Sisk said...

Seriously gorgeous captures - it looks so peaceful at this hour.

Anonymous said...

They all turned out great!

Trujen said...

Someday when I completely forget about these, would you give me a copy of the first photo for a present, or something??? I love it. They're all very beautiful but I really love the first one. Looking at it makes me feel like I'm really in that wheat field and the sun is really warming my face.

The fifth photo down has beautiful color. I love the way it changes from colors; blue, white, yellow, orange, black, dark green and brown. Also, the clouds look like feathers from a pillow. Almost 3D like too, the feathers.

Thank you for sharing these. They truly are special!

Kristi said...

They are beautiful shots! I didn't know David knew how to use a camera too.... or that you had two nice cameras! Photography is a cool thing to do together, I would love that!

Olivia said...

These are great. They inspire me and I feel like there is real promise in these photos. Amazing job!

Samara Link said...

I have given David a few basic pointers (composition related) over the years, and he's run with them. He doesn't shoot often, and he doesn't do any of his own editing. But he holds his own and can usually get some pretty good shots! He is smart, observant and creative with a real appreciation for nature. It shows in his photos. I'm always impressed with that in him.

As for the two cameras ... I got the 20D from David originally. That's the one I had for several years. He bought me the 7D for Christmas this last year. I was stunned. I thought it was way too much and totally unnecessary, not to mention, very intimidating. I didn't even pick it up and use it until March. I didn't feel worthy. But now I use it all the time.

This was the first time we went out together, at the same time, to take photos. It was fun.

The day itself was highly sad and tearful, but this was a nice moment.


April Marie said...

Hi's April from Countryside. I absolutely love your pictures...beautiful and very talented!!! You are quite talented!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and will see you next time:)