Monday, April 04, 2011

{Links Lately}

The people have spoken.

You see, I put a little poll on the right margin of this site asking you what you wanted to
hear about next on Link Adventures. The most popular answer was posts about us. (If
you have an opinion, go over and cast a vote.) So much of what we do is basic, day-to-day,
regular stuff -- not unlike everyone else. No one wants to hear about laundry and taxes,
I'm certain. But I thought I'd try to blog a little more about the Links. Here's a mini update
-- punctuated with cell phone photos -- to get things started ...

I can't get over how cute my husband is. :) I mean, how lucky am I?

I feel happiness radiating from David's aura lately. He seems to be in a pretty good place
-- peaceful, smiley, calm, patient, and agreeable. He's overworked and under rested of late,
but that will smooth itself out soon enough and return to "normal." He's back on a running
regimen now after letting his training schedule relax for a bit. He ran 21 miles in the last
week to get started. It's hard for me, a non-runner, to believe that's a "getting started
week!" His next event is the Seattle half marathon in June.

I've started Skyping with my friend, Alejandra, on Thursday evenings. She moved to
Boston a year and a half ago, and we've so missed our regular long talks over dinner.
We talk about where we are and what we're thinking. Then, we set small weekly goals
together -- things that help us feel more like us and give us balance in our lives. It's
been wonderful, and I'm so thankful for her calming, sincere, creative, wise presence
in my life! You know, they say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it also takes
a small village to get one through adulthood successfully.

Oliver is recovered from his wound. (I think I was the only one that was concerned. Ha!)
He's been enjoying his normal routine of playtime with me punctuated by long, lazy naps.

And a Link update wouldn't be complete without these two angels. Their dips in the pool
are becoming more regular now that the weather is getting warmer. We're all trying to
enjoy the outdoors before it gets too hot. This is a perfect time of year here in Arizona.

That's it for today -- just a quickie look at the Links. I'll be back with more on another day.


Kristi said...

Nice update but I would really like to know how the job search is coming? I was thinking of you last night while watching the news. I totally miss seeing Samara Link on TV and your wonderful stories and camera work. I bet you miss it as well!?

Ale said...

Hey! I am at your blog post! I feel important today :)
Well, talking to you reminded me of how much I miss you haha! and at the same time I am so happy that we are close even though we are not physically close :)Technology does bring people together.

And the pictures of your kids and D are really good as always my friend. I am jealous they can go outside and swim!

Thank you for sharing!!


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

I like the Link updates! :) I voted for that one!!! Thanks!

Miss You!