Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{The Dangers of Being an Indoor Cat}

Cats are tough.

Oliver is my first feline. He's taught me a lot, with his latest "lesson in cat" being yesterday.

Turns out, there are hazards lurking around this house I didn't know about. My indoor
cat found a way to get a one-inch gash on his side that went all the way through the skin.
I discovered his wound in a totally random fluke of luck Tuesday morning. (It was hiding
under a lot of hair.) I would have never known anything was wrong by the way he was
acting. His routine was totally intact -- eating, drinking, playing, pottying, and sleeping
as normal.

It was a rough day for him, and it rattled me pretty good, too. Poor angel. I have no idea
how it happened or when, but it was instantly clear we needed to make a trip to the vet.
(Apparently, infections happen fast in a situation like that.) I was a little comforted when
his doctor said it could have happened as recently as the last day or two, based on how it
looked. And I was extremely happy to be able to have him getting fixed up within an hour
of realizing we had a problem. (The people at our vet office are amazing.)

Mr. Oliver Hope Link got about ten staples, antibiotics and some good pain medication.

Now, he's on the road to recovery. Whew!


Ashley Sisk said...

Who knew? It's a tough life being a cat.

Adriana said...

I'm glad you caught it on time...poor Kitty. Hope he gets well soon.

Miss M! said...

I love his expression in the last two photos - "Whatever; 'tis but a flesh wound Mom!"

Kristi said...

If only they could talk....

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Oh no, how sad!! Glad he's on the mend now. Poor guy.

I had a cat named Oliver when I was little. Good name :)

Ale said...

Hey Sam,

You are so good at posting on your blog and I haven't had a chance to catch up! I just read this post about Oliver. I am glad he is doing just fine now!