Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Glitter and Glue Makes a Girl Grin}

Can you still call something a hobby if you haven't done it in eight months?

I'm way out of swing with scrapbooking, but it was calling me. So, I answered by

I got preoccupied with putting most of my photos in albums. (It seemed like the most
logical thing to do considering the amount of digital pictures I wanted to get into flippable
pages.) But I knocked out two layouts in March, and I was pretty happy with that.

For the first one, I ordered an 8x10 collage (Walgreens, $3.99) to help me get started.
It's from all the hiking we did when my brother, Pam and the kids came out to visit us
in Arizona two Decembers ago. We had such a good time together, and I wanted to
document the fact that the six of them flew all the way to the desert.

I decided to go with a photo that didn't include people for the second one. It's clean,
simple and proud. I like it.

It felt good to get back to this -- to finish a page and put it in an album.

National Scrapbooking Day is May 7th. I was thinking an all-nighter might be in order
-- like the old days -- but then I remembered I'm asleep by 10PM pretty much every
night. So, it may have to be an all afternooner.

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Trujen said...

If I'm not in the middle of moving, I'll scrap in spirit with you! We can send our progress via text messaging.

I love your work! The layout with your family brought tears to my eyes. :o) And this flag pic is beautiful! I'm glad you did something with it.
Just an idea: you could make a 4th of July art piece out of this layout. Or at least the pic. Something to display during the holiday.