Tuesday, March 01, 2011

{Resolutions: March 2011}

The month of love has come and gone, and that means it's time to check in with
myself to see how my 2011 resolutions are going. How are the resolutions you
made for the New Year coming along?

I like this process of "checking in" to:
* Celebrate what I did towards my goals
* Accept what I didn't do
* And decide what I can do in the next month

In 2011:

1) Make one new goal each month that give me a sense of balance and
make me feel like me.

February: Learn how to use some of the technology I already have. Ideas include the
navigation system in my car, my phone and camera.

* Set up the manufacturer's three month trial for XM Radio in my car. (Love it.)
* Figured out how to use the navigation ... that should make things easier down the road.
* Finally arranged my pre-set radio stations in the car.
* Totally didn't get to the phone, but I'm going to Verizon on Thursday to get a lesson
in how to do some things and to exchange the car charger I have for the right one.

March: Scrapbook and get some photos into albums

2) Learn how to do the following things around the house in 2011:

I made good progress on this list in February. David was a great teacher. :)
- Clean up cookies and junk on my computers
- Unclog the kitchen drain/garbage disposal
- Turn off the water to the house (January 31st)
- Work the sprinklers and the drip system
- Add to the drip system
- Clean the pool filters (February 6th) Change pool the filters (February 13th)
- Weekly/monthly pool care
- Drain and fill the pool (February 19th)
- Fertilize the lawn before summer
- Properly level and hang hardware fixture with a molly
- Change a door hardware and handle
- Relight the pilot light in the water heater

3) Volunteer or donate blood, on average, once a month. That's 12 times a year.

1. Made food boxes w/ friends at St. Mary's Food Bank (January 8th)
2. Donated platelets and red blood cells (January 14th)
3. Sorted food baskets for the Bountiful Baskets produce co-op (February 10th)

4) Go on at least one quality date a month with D (and take turns planning it).

January: Double feature at the drive-in theater with a car picnic. It was a really fun night!
February: Putt-putt golf. Air hockey and video games. Dinner at Chompies. Awesome.

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Ale said...

As always Sam, soo good to see how you work through life with a map, I am so happy for you.