Monday, April 25, 2011

{Family Photo Session: Anthony, Jenny & Achille}

Before long, sweet Achille won't be the only baby in his house. Anthony and Jenny
will usher their first daughter into the world any time now, officially making their
little boy a big brother. The end of her maternity session was a perfect time to
document the three of them while they're still a trio.

Achille is such a happy and nice little boy. He sure does love his mom and dad. ♥♥
He's going to be a great big brother to his soon-to-arrive sister, Amelia. No doubt.


Ale said...

The pictures are so warm. And yes, Achille is such a cute boy! Very handsome family all together.
Great pictures Sam!
Thanks for sharing!!

Miss M! said...

Oh my goodness - the one with all three of them looking at their bellies is the cutest thing ever!!!