Sunday, April 24, 2011

{Celebrating With You}

Happy Easter weekend from Arizona!

David and I are enjoying a little stay-cation this weekend on the other side of town.
It's been a fabulous couple days of sun, relaxation, good food, sleep, reconnecting, and
rest. We're actually here to celebrate D's birthday, a week in advance. We thought we'd
hop over to the blog to say hello and wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend.

I noticed -- dare I say -- a trend this year. It sounds like a lot of you who aren't Catholic
still gave something up for lent anyway. I thought that was cool. There's never anything
wrong with adding some habit changing discipline to your life. Did you give up anything
for lent? If so, what and why? And how did it go?

p.s. I hope the Easter bunny came to see you today!

(Photo taken in March at the Tempe Art
Festival with one of the giant rabbits.)


Kristi said...

Super cute photos! Happy Birthday David! Glad you guys had a nice Easter, we did as well :)

Ale said...

You two look so cute with your bunny ears!
Glad to hear that you had a great weekend!
We had a nice one too. About Lent, I tried to give up meat on Fridays. It went well but the funny thing is that as soon as I knew I wasn't going to eat meat on Fridays I started having all sort of cravings for meat!