Friday, March 18, 2011

{Meet the Links}

It seems like every week David and I play a little game called 'Guess Who's Pregnant?'.
I make him guess who is preggers every time I learn someone new has announced they
are expecting. He loves it. Ha!

Right now, a lot of the people we know are making babies or in the stage of their life
where they're busy taking care of them. When these people are just starting their
families, I think of things like trying, pregnancy, nurseries, and the baby stage.

But once they're passed the early parts of raising babies, those little humans eventually
grow into big ones. The next thing you know, you have a "large family" to celebrate with
during those special moments in life.

David's grandparents (on his dad's side) had five kids. They've all married and had kids
of their own. So, the Link side of our family is pretty big now. It was amazing to see all

I told David and a few of his relatives how lucky they are to have such a big family.
It's awesome to have that kind of connection, love and support from a group that
will, in theory, always going to be connected that way.

We got a photo of grandma with each of her five kids and their families. So, I thought
I'd introduce our extended family on the Link side:

Arthur is child one of five. This is our clan. Art's married to Mary.
They have a daughter, Marya, and two sons. Brian is the oldest.
He's married to Tracy. Alex and Morgan are their kiddos. Then,
there's David and me.

Dan is child two of five. He's married to Nancy. Their daughters
are Jaclyn and Andrea. Andrea is married to Ryan.

Richard is child three of five. He's married to Eileen. (She's the one
who gave me the Irish Soda Bread recipe I posted recently.) They
have two beautiful children, Breanna and Brendan.

Peter is child four of five. He's married to Dotty. They have two daughters,
only one of whom is pictured. Dotty's other daughter has two kids, Lyric and AJ.

And finally, Peggy is child five of five. (They finally had a girl!)
She's married to Jeff. They have three kids -- (from left to right)
Chris, Katie and Carolyn.

So, there you have it. That's what happens when you have a bunch of
kids and let them marry and multiply! :)

We don't get to see all the members of the extended family as much as we'd like to,
being that they're mostly in Michigan and we're in Arizona. Seeing them last month
made me realize that it isn't just them who are lucky to have each other. We're all
fortunate to have this group as our family, me included. It's a really nice feeling to
be connected to such wonderful people in this very special way.


Olivia said...

Nothing beats family! Looks like you married into a terrific family! I did too, and I'm so thankful for it. They all hold very special places in my heart. Love this post!

Kristi said...

What a nice family! I love these introductions you did. Big families are awesome, I feel fortunate for how huge mine is :)