Friday, March 04, 2011

{He Didn't Want to Let Go of Her}

Sometimes a girl just shares -- not because she wants to -- because she knows she
should. She then counts the seconds until the person she shares with gives her
back the thing -- or in this case, the precious baby -- she wanted to keep to
herself all along.

"Do you want to hold Kate," I asked David, clearly out of a sense of obligation.

I passed that sweet little Katie Bug over to him.

But the two minutes he usually holds a baby before handing him or her back came and
went. (A trend I've been noticing over the last year or two.) This cut deeply into my
snuggling time with Kate, but he had to be forgiven because they were so cute together.
She was happy in his arms, and he wiped a little tear from her cheek. Sigh.

Today happens to be Miss Katie Bug's first birthday.
A special reason to celebrate a very special little angel.
Happy birthday, Kate. I wish we could be with you this
weekend. Enjoy your party!


Kristi said...

She is adorable!! And I love the color of your hair right now :)

Ale said...

David looks so happy holding Kate! so cute! what a nice side of him to look at...thanks for sharing!