Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Family Photo Session: Martha & her Ladies}

Martha comes from a long line of gorgeous. She (pictured here in a black dress and striped
sweater) asked me to help her document the ladies in her life.

Her mom -- who has incredible glow and energy about her at 86 years of age -- and her
sister, Mary, were in town for a visit recently. Martha says her mom is like Mother
Theresa. That explains where Martha gets her generous, kind spirit.

Martha and her sister are only a year and a half apart and are very close. I learned that
Mary's a cancer survivor. She had invasive skin cancer the size of a golf ball removed from
the left side of her face. I'm so glad I was able to help capture some photos of her.

Plus, Martha's daughter, Sarah, had a daughter of her own recently who is now a year old.
They wanted a good four generations photo.

So, I met up with them while they were, quite literally, in the middle of a girls day ...

Martha teared up a little when she looked through her photos. That's how I know I
did my job. And it really was my pleasure. :)


Ale said...

So, I have a wedding this October in Mexico. If I pay for your ticket and food, would you come with me to take pictures?
Love your work my friend! Thank you for sharing!


German said...

Really, What a gorgeous family picture hosting!! and every pictures are so delightful.Thanks

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Hendricks Family said...

I saw these on Martha's FB page, had no idea it was you. I should have always fabulous work!