Thursday, December 16, 2010

{It Was a Very Happy Halloween, Indeed}

Way to be late for my Halloween weekend post, I know. It's not timely news, but I am finally
getting caught up on my own, personal editing. Now, I'm ready to share some details from a
wonderful Halloween!

I went to see Aaron (my brother), Pam and their kids. They moved from Toledo, Ohio to
Geneva, Illinois recently. It felt good to see their space in the world -- their new house, their
town, the girls school, etc. I miss home (the midwest) most in the fall. So, it was a huge treat
to go there this time in the year. The weather was cool, crisp and fabulous.

I got to follow the kids as they took over the neighborhood to collect candy Halloween Day!
It my first time to celebrate Halloween with them, and it was my first time to ever go trick
or treating -- in 32 years! So, that was really exciting for me. I dressed up as an Iron Chef
(unfortunately, I didn't get any photos). Aidan and I taped "Fe", the symbol for iron, on a
chef's jacket. :) Even better though, I enjoyed watching the kids love life and revel in their
day. Aaron and Pam are such good parents. They work so well with those kids to help them
get a lot out of experiences and family time. They made my heart smile all weekend.

Aaron with Aidan and Lauren

Pam with Catherine and Meghan

We went ...
- to the Field Museum in downtown Chicago
- rollerskating
- to dinner at a new-to-them place in Lake Charles
- browsing around Naperville
- through some cool, old neighborhoods in Geneva
- trick-or-treating

We also ...
- played catch in the backyard
- took a bike ride
- ate some of Pam's delicious food
- played the wii and bumper cars
- went for a walk
- snuggled and talked
- tried to learn how to moonwalk
- watched the ending of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" three times :)

So, it was basically a perfect weekend. I love those kids and wanted to pack them in my
bags and bring them all home with me. Here's our weekend in photos ...

Until next time Byrne-Rownders! Thanks for a great long weekend. I love you all so much!!


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

I see a lot of Aunt Sam in Catherine's face in these pictures. Very cool pics! Loving your lens capabilities. Your view points are really great here as well!!!

Kristi said...

Fabulous job with the photos, Sam! I love the shot from above the family room..... is that a wide-angle lens? I would love one.
What a wonderful wekend to spend it with your brother and his family back home. At Halloween makes it even more fun and cool! I think I need to visit the Field Museum when I visit Chicago again.
And I always say better late than never when it comes to blog posting ;)

Ale said...


I love your pictures!! and your bro's family, they are soooo cute! My heart was happy for you, family time is so important, more for us transplants. Thank you so much for sharing!!