Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ah, to be 17 again. No wrinkles. No age spots. Unmatched vibrancy. Perfectly white teeth
not yet stained from smoking, coffee, wine, or time. Boobs up where they're supposed to
be. Those were the days.

When I photographed Aren and her family the other day, her best friend, Dom, tagged
along. So, I had to snap a few of her, too. Aren't these girls just gorgeous? They both shine
from the inside out.


Ale said...

Ok, you are SUPER talented! Loved the pictures! they are sooo pretty and cute girls. On the other hand, I miss my 17 year old body but not the insecurities that I had at that time!
I am twice the size now but 100% more confident.
You should do a session with 30 something ladies...:)
hugs Sam!

Anonymous said...

They are both gorgeous!