Thursday, May 06, 2010


Change is afoot in the desert. I felt it yesterday for the first time of the year. The breeze
hit my face, but it wasn't as refreshing as it's been. Dry heat is coming our way. It seems
there's a limited window for being outside and totally enjoying it, without having to
pretend like it isn't that hot.

Oddly enough, we don't have any visitors planning a trip to see us right now. Huh?

David has started running in the morning, instead of after work. It's cooler then. And
I saw the temperature reader on my car hit three digits yesterday, even though it
was actually high 90s, I'm sure.

It's still lovely out though. Mornings are nice, even a little crisp. I keep the windows open
until 10 AM or so, when I'm home. The birds sing to me and the sounds and smells of the
day woft in. I love that.

Here are a few photos from our yard ...

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by, lovelies.


Unknown said...

Beautiful shots!

carlene federer said...

gorgeous pix as usual Sam!

Amy said...

I love these pics!! They make me want to get out there and take a few shots myself!!

~Amy :)

House of Foodies said...

Geez Sam, looks like you stole those pictures off the internet. You do great work!!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh wow!!! Love these and especially love the backlit photos!!