Friday, May 07, 2010


A snap happy April means I have photo leftovers. It just seems like it would be such a
waste to leave them unattended and unused in my external hard drive. So, I shall not.
I hope you see something you like. :)

Phoenix has gone a little overboard on the concrete, traffic and abundance of strip
malls. But if you can get past those and look around or in between all of it, there's
some pretty cool stuff to see.

Sometimes I just have to stop and smile, appreciating that I live in such a beautiful
spot in the world. There's beauty everywhere, really. Not just here. But I'm here,
and I want to actively take in what's around me. Openly accept it instead of pushing
away what I don't like as much. It makes for better living, I think.


Unknown said...

love love love the salt & salsa pics! FANTASTIC PHOTOS!

Kristi said...

Sam, you had an awesome month with your camera! Like seriously good photography, girl!! Loved all of these, I see why it was hard to choose the ones you posted for your PH#7 entry. I love everything AZ and southwest, especially the cactus and plant shots. Nice work my friend :)

Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

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Sue Thomas said...

Fantastic photos, Sam and how wonderful that the challenge pushes you to look beyond the obvious to find the beautiful that was in front of you all along!!!!