Monday, May 17, 2010

{He's 36}

None of us have anything to do with our entrance into this world. So, it might not be totally
rational to celebrate someone being born, but I like celebrating birthdays. It's a time to
appreciate a life lived; acknowledging that someone makes the world a better place by virtue
of existing.

David's another year older -- as of April 29th -- but he's still my Peter Pan. Aside from a few
extra lines around his eyes and a little of salt in his beard -- which I find sexy -- he's forever
young in my eyes.

He had to work on his birthday, but I tried to make the most of it.
* I gave him a copy of a mixed CD in the morning so he'd have good driving music for the day.
* We met for a quick lunch at The Living Room Lounge.
* I arranged for him to meet me at 5:15PM so I could take him to a surprise at V's
Barbershop. There, he got a proper hot towel, straight razor shave and 45 minutes of
pampering. He said that was his favorite part of his birthday. :)
* We went to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion for dinner, per his request.
* He got to open presents when we got home.

We saved the birthday cake for the following night since he wanted dessert at Roy's
with his birthday dinner.

His birthday day was also our 11th dating anniversary. We had our first date on his 25th
birthday. Seems like a lifetime ago. Time really does fly. The idea of bringing the celebration
into the weekend didn't translate at all, but we had a nice day that day. Time to make the
most of a fresh, new year!


elizabeth said...

What a great birthday you gave him!! I bet he was so happy.

Congrats on 11 years! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday David! Greg and I just celebrated 10 years together on 5-5. Time has flown by! Like David, Greg was 25 when we met. Yikes! Seems like yesterday :)

Ale said...

Sam, you are such a great wife, all the details and the effort you put on celebrating D's bd. I will need some ideas from you for when H turns 40 this year!! hugs.

TruJen Phtography said...

You ARE such an amazing wife (and person!), I sure hope D realizes what a prize you are!

Also, tell your man I love his hair longer like in these pictures! :o) Looking good!

Killara girl said...

what great ideas you had for his dh just wants to buy himself an expensive tool usually...but i think i could arrange those things easily enough.