Thursday, May 13, 2010

{Diamond in the Rough}

It's hard to imagine, but this half-dead looking, needle overloaded cactus can actually
produce some real, delicate beauty.

Our neighbor, Paul, gave it to us last winter.
He said it would flower amazing blooms once a year.
And he was right. It did.

They came and went quickly -- only sticking around for a few days. Such a cool gift from
the desert!


carlene federer said...

such gorgeous flowers on your unassuming little cactus! what's the temps there now btw?
And can I just tell you how DELISH that b-day cake looks? YUMMY! Big up Samdra Lee! LOL!

elizabeth said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Cool pics...I wouldn't have guessed those came from a cactus. Thanks for sharing. :)

Killara girl said...

these are exquisite...the photographs that is...the flower is gorgeous too ;)