Sunday, April 11, 2010

{Look What I Found}

We've lived in Arizona from October 2005 til now minus ten-ish months for Ireland
(which is easier to say then doing actual math). In all that time, I've never snapped
a photo of these little, adorable, sweet lizards. They're common here, and they love
sunning themselves on the wall in our back yard.

They scurry away so quickly at the slightest movement or, oddly enough, when two
labs barrel towards them with all the energy they can muster.

On this occasion, it was just him and me, and he stayed put. Moving just enough to
keep me working to get a few decent snaps but not so much that I'd lose him behind
the neighbor's side of the wall.

Isn't he cute?!


Miss M! said...

I remember when I was a kid, we used to chase those and try to catch them. They're really fast! Then one day, I was seven and I'll never forget, I finally managed to catch one - BY THE TAIL. Did you know they will shed their entire tails as a defense mechanism? Not only that, that tail will keep moving for like five minutes after it falls off. Talk about traumatic.

I bet that lizard laughed at my horrified screams the entire time he was regrowing his new one. I never chased lizards again.

Olivia said...

LMAO Miss M! We too have these lizards, and I did the same thing (grab the tail) as an adult! Only mine lizard just released a portion...ick!! I still think they are so cute, especially the babies. We also have desert geckos and they are my favorite!