Saturday, January 09, 2010

{Tucson Half Marathon}

David amazes me. I'm so proud of him.

He is taking awesome care of his body. He looks great. He's healthy, happy and impressively self motivated. The fact that he can go out and run by himself for two to four hours is awesome!

I think that's exactly what makes race days extra special though. I mean, he runs a half mara-thons -- and then some -- by himself all the time. It's just nice when he can plan a weekend around it, have people there to cheer him on, and feed off the energy of the event.

We went to Tucson in mid-December for a quick weekend getaway with the Hendricks.
David and Jason both ran their half marathon. It was set up nicely.

I dropped the guys off so they were ready for the 7AM start. Then, I met Barb, Gavin and
Barb's parents at the sixth mile so we could cheer them on. It was a brisk morning, but they
were all warmed up by the time they got to us.

Jason (left) in red; David (right) in navy.

Barb and Gavin cheering.

The course was awesome for spectators. It was pretty much a straight shot down the same
road until the very end. So, after they ran by us, we hopped in the car, drove down a couple miles and stopped to cheer them on again. And again. :)

Following Barb.

It was a beautiful day for a run!

They ran together the whole way...

and made it to the finish...

in under two hours!

After that, it was time to fuel up at the runners only tent.

We stood around and talked about the run for a few.

Here's Barb, Gavin and Beth -- no doubt telling the guys how awesome they are. :)

Next race: David's second full marathon. Mid-January. Phoenix.

Barb will be there, running the half. And D's dad will be in town, too. So, it'll be fun!


Kristi said...

Way to go, David!!

Sue Thomas said...

Adding another way to go, David!!!!