Saturday, January 23, 2010

{Stupid Spam}

I hate spam.

But I've been lucky not to get any on this blog.

Until this week.

Damn, spammers.

So, I had to turn on word verification for comments. I'm hoping that keeps them away.



Lis said...

I got them once too. Recently and it was all PORNO stuff. gross. I just made it so you had to log in to leave a comment. HATE THOSE SPAMMERS!

Anne said...

My very first comment on my very first blog contribution was spam. I learned very early to upgrade my choice in who I hear from!

TruJen Phtography said...

PORNO Spam??? I never knew! I, knock on wood, have yet to get any. I don't love the verification but totally understand why it's necessary! At least it's better than the ones you have to wait for the author to ok before you see your comment. (I like to re-read mine to make sure I spelled things right, for another time!)

And mom, it's wasn't spam, it was me! HA! JK!!


carlene federer said...

Them dang spammers seem to be extra annoying lately! Anyhow gotta try your Indian dish, sounds yummy! When you coming to CO for a visit?