Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{Advancements in Cancer Research}

I'm back with more stories! I still have five video packages to share from last semester.
They're each about two minutes long. I hope you get a chance to watch them all!

I was really proud of how this one turned out. The idea was to do a story on some of the
cutting edge research being done in an effort to find a cure for cancer. When I started
looking to see who was doing what, I was overwhelmed with all the amazing ideas, tests
and experiments being done right here in the Phoenix area. They're doing some really
cool stuff to come up with that one idea that will save untold lives. Of course, in two
minutes, you can only feature a couple of them.

The real challenge was distilling all the technical information they gave me into a format
that was easy to listen to and simple enough to digest in a few sentences. It was fun!
I hope you enjoy this package ...

I met Lisa at a breast cancer awareness 5K earlier in the year. It was really nice of her to make time for this interview. She agreed to meet me in between volunteering for Habitat, helping a friend pack and doing yard work for her grandmother. Lisa lost her grandfather to cancer about two weeks after this interview was filmed.

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Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

This one was great, Sam! Very interesting research they're doing, glad you got to find out more and share with us!