Saturday, November 07, 2009

{Nutrition Assistance}

Story time!

This is a package I did recently on Nutrition Assistance. That's the new name for what
used to be called Food Stamps. This one was fun for me -- I produced a segment in the
show. Something new instead of just making a package that they insert into the newscast.

* It kicked off with what we call a VO-SOT. That's when an anchor -- in this case, Samantha Boatman -- reads a script while the viewer sees video (VO). That's followed by sound on
tape (SOT or a sound bite) of a person commenting on the topic.

* Then, the anchor appears again to tag the VO-SOT and intro the package.

* I started and ended the package with a LIVE shot in the newsroom.

I really enjoyed this one. Hope you do, too. :)


Jan said...

Very good report on a great program. No, I couldn't tell you were nervous.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

Okay, here are my thoughts:
1. you would be way better at anchoring than that first girl (I hope she doesn't read this). She looked way more nervous than you did.

2. I could tell you were nervous but only because you didn't smile like you do on a regular basis. I know you needed to be serious, but even during serious stuff, you smile.

3. Good story. I like all your interviews.

4. Your accent is slowly fading during your stories. Not sure if you're even aware of it or not, but I can definitely hear your "reporting voice" coming through.

5. I know your name is Samara, but I just can't get used to people calling you that. You are a Sam.

6. I love that I get to see you like this. It's awesome to see your progress through this "class."

Good job, Sammy Davis Jr.

House of Foodies said...

Sam, you are amazing! You really truly are made for this stuff. I love the You Tube on your blog - saves me from having to tape all the episodes. You did a great job and what a great story!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Great story! I think you did great live despite the nerves, you are a natural! It's fun to see all of these stories you put together and how they're all getting even better!

Diane and Joe Baldo said...

I liked this story! And I LOVE that they get to buy good for you food!!

Good job Katie Couric!

Unknown said...

You are a natural. You sound great!