Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{Let's Hit the Road}

Time for another dose of news, Samara style. :)

This time, you'll see anchor, Kristin Keogh introducing me and the story I covered on
potential cuts within the Arizona Department of Transportation.

I had an opportunity to do another live shot -- this time, down on the street, outside
our building. Two other quick things about this story --

* Unfortunately I signed out -- "In Phoenix. Samara Link. Cronkite News." both in
my package and from my live shot. The package shouldn't have included that. It was
a technical gliche -- that I now know how to work around. Basically, you have to click "overwrite" when resending a package to the rundown so it knows to let the new
story replace what was there. At least I know now.

* I drove an hour from downtown -- each way -- just to go that rest area and get
one quick sound bite and three or four shots. Whatever it takes, baby! I think it
added a little something to the story and was well worth it.


Lis said...

okay, you rock!!!! was that really on tv????? so awesome!!!!!!

Olivia said...

You are so great! Each one gets better and better! I can't wait to see you on the news :)

Kristi said...

All these budget cuts really stink!!!!!!!! Great job with the story :)

Samara Link said...

Yes, Lis, it was. All of these have been, actually! Everything I've posted this semester, since I started NewsWatch has aired on ASU TV. It's pretty cool to be able to DVR the show, especially when I know I'll be on it! :)

Diane and Joe Baldo said...

Thanks, Katie are good!!

Anonymous said...

Sam, I think you did a really good job! You looked so natural. Please don't be discouraged by other people who compare you to famous media faces who only ask questions they are paid to ask. You related your story with complete truthfulness; you related just the facts and didn't do any moaning or groaning. I am proud of you. Keep seeking the truth!

Just a couple questions, though. how often does Arizona worry about snow removal? And also, the employees that do remain with the road maintainence crew...exactly what is it they do if they're not fixing signs, cleaning up roadkill, maintaining roads and reststops? I'd be curious to know what they are doing in between coffee breaks. Seems to me none of that other stuff is getting taken of.

More investigation for you.

Love you lots,


Bre said...

Sam, so fantastic!! You are a natural. :) Keep up the great reporting!!

Anonymous said...

Sam, Amazing!! Looking more and more seasoned. Love it!!

Can't Wait To See More
-Kevin Kelly