Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Time Flying Personified}

I got to see Jayanna the other day for the first time in about a year. She looked so different.
I was blown away.

She came over in May 08 for a shoot, and we were at the same party in June of 08.
But when I saw her Saturday, she looked totally different. So long, so lean. All little girl
and no baby. I could actually see time flying when I looked at her and saw all that
change in one year.

I took a few photos of her for her mom, Cynthia....


TruJen Phtography said...

What a doll!
I remember her baby photos and she was cute then too! Those eyes! And such a sweet smile!
I bet she gets her way a lot! She would in my house.

Lis said...

Holy COW! What a CUTIE!!!!!!!! She has changed! Its amazing what a difference from birth to one and from one to two can be! CRAZY!!!