Sunday, June 29, 2008

{Good Ole Fashion Jewelry Party}

Adriana had a Lia Sophia party at her house on Saturday.
It was fun driving out there (to Goodyear, Arizona).
She has a beautiful family and home. And she cooked
more of her delicious food!

Here she is serving up tostadas.

They were so good! She also made rice pudding that
was perfection, but I guess I was too busy tasting
that to snap a picture.

I brought a fruit salad that I only documented
because I thought the colors were so brilliant.

Cynthia was there, too. So, it was nice to see
her and her beautiful baby girl again.

Those eyes!

I just want to eat her up.

My order included two things. This ring was a fun buy.
I don't really wear gold, but I have two special gold
necklaces -- one from Sandy and one from Mary.
I thought it would be nice to have something to go
with them.

And then I got my niece Catherine a pair of earrings
for her birthday. She said she is going to be getting
her ears pierced, and she wanted some light blue earrings.
So, I ordered her the aquamarine ones on the bottom
right in silver.

This is the plume of smoke from a brush fire that's
consumed about 100 acres of reservation land in
Levine. It started early in the week after dry lightening
came in contact with a greenbelt out there. This is
a much, much smaller smoke cloud then what it was
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Adriana's house is about an hour away from me.
It was actually kind of a fun drive.

And yes, I took this while moving, which I know isn't the
smartest thing, but I like driving through tunnels and my
camera was right there on the seat next to me. So...

Happy trails to you.
I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into!

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SplendidlyImperfect said...

I like that tunnel. I miss driving through it on a regular basis. When we were kids, we used to try to hold our breath through the whole thing, because if you did, the wish you made at the beginning would come true.

Sometimes I still do that. :)