Friday, September 18, 2009

{Simply Sweet}

Last Friday was a great day! But it was long, hot and busy, too.
I left downtown at 6:30pm, grabbed gas and waded into
traffic for my one hour commute. Ugh.

The perfect end-of-a-long-day, sitting-in-traffic-pick-me-up?

Call Aaron and Pam's house to talk to my nieces and nephew.

When Miss Meghan and I chatted, she was in the room with
the other kids. She asked me if I would tell the girls to be quiet
(because they weren't listening to her requests). I suggested
she take the phone into the sun room where it was quiet. She
did. So, it was just the two of us. I love those talks with the kids
-- when they aren't distracted by all the activity there, and
they can just focus on talking. We have the best conversations
then. It's awesome. Check out the part of our conversation where
the Miss Mature Meghan reminded me, without knowing it,
that's she's still a little girl.


Meghan: Want me to sing you a song? (She proceeds to
softly sing a song, clearly knowing every single word. It
ended in underwear.)

Me: Where'd you learn that song? I like it.

Meghan: American Idol.

Me: Oh, cool. Well, you did a really good job singing it.

Meghan: Do you know who won American Idol?

Me: Was it Kris Allen?

Meghan: Yeah, Lauren thinks he's cute.

Me: Who did you want to win?

Meghan: Danny Gokey.

Me: Oh, I liked him, too! What do you think he's doing now?
Do you think he's making music?

Meghan: Yeah.

Me: Oh, you know what? I think they're all on tour --
where all the top ten singers from American Idol go to
a bunch of cities like Toledo and Phoenix and put on
concerts. Have you ever been to a concert?

Meghan: Yeah, I've been to Wisconsin. My dad lives there!


She didn't follow me. We went from talking about American Idol
to the concerts they're doing. When I said concert, she heard Wisconsin.
Listening, you know, in terms of her world. It was sweet. :)

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