Thursday, September 10, 2009

{A Cool, Rainy Morning}

It rained here -- twice last week! (Which was a big deal since
monsoon season came and went without hardly a raindrop.) The
long, deep rain we got on Friday night really cooled things off
the following morning. Plus, the gray skies were amazing! For
the first time in months, I just wanted to stand outside and enjoy
the yard. So, I did. Camera in hand. A little hummingbird came
out to play, as if on queue...

Can you see him perched on the agave in the photo above?
Did you know they're the only birds that can fly backwards?

It's been well over 100 degrees for so long, with temps staying
staunchly between 107 and 117 degrees. So, Saturday morning
brought one welcomed change in the weather. Grey skies, drizzles
and rain, cooler air! We actually all went out together.

David planted a cactus given to us from our neighbor, Paul.

Killian watched him.

Norah watched Killian.

Oliver watched all of us.

And I noticed droplets of water...

A nice clump of key limes...

And lemon tree leaves, weary from the summer sun and heat.
I'm sure they appreciated the rain, too!

Temps rose on Labor Day, but they didn't get much passed 100.
It's a high of around 102 - 106 all this week. So, we're finally
getting there! (When it's 90 degrees, then I'll be really happy.)

For other hummingbird photos I've captured, click here and here. :)


Lis said...

You are joking me! You got a picture wait AMAZING pictures of a humming bird! I tried the other day and sucked it up BIG TIME! Those are amazing shots! WOW. and holy crap, i cant believe its sitting on that plant! Up until reading your post, I thought it was just a HUGE Aloe! Haha! and YES, I did grow up in AZ. (Sad, I know) Oh and I LOVE your rain drops! Those shots are ALL amazing. Your photography makes me feel---- CALM. funny hu?

Unknown said...

Awesome pics Samara! Great job :)

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Loved the bird and the animals watching everything! lol
Glad it is finally cooling down there!

TruJen Phtography said...

Beautiful post!
It's so hard for me to think that 90 degrees would be comfortable. Of course, living in Michigan (a very humid state) that just might kill me! Well, almost!

What a nice gift for Paul to give you! What was the occasion?