Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{Semi-Homemade Ts}

Made some T-shirts for D as a little surprise before his marathon.
They turned out great (after a second printing ... grrr).

This first shirt is printed on both sides.
Front, left chest -- the Seattle Space Needle to note where he
ran his first marathon. On the back, I just put a simple running
graphic, the 26.2 miles he ran and iRUN (a little play on iPOD
and iPHONE that I thought was clever).

This second design was "borrowed" straight from here. I put
it front and center on the chest of the T, keeping the back plain.

They were a fun gift for me to "make" for him, and he's been
wearing them a lot since. So, I think he approves. :)

The finishers shirts available for sale after the race were
apparently quite ugly. So, we got another GAP T for that,
and we're going to make our own. Kinda fun.

(FYI -- T's are from GAP, $14 each when you buy two.
Did the design at and took the T's
to AntonSports (Scottsdale and the 202) in person where
they did the printing, $8 each.)


Lis said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE your shirts!!! Thats AWESOME that you found a place to do the printing for only 8 bucks! Thats the way to go! We normally just do IRON ons or stamping. ill have to remember that next time im makin a SHIRT!!!!

TruJen Phtography said...

Ok, when you first described the first shirt I pictured something completely different. I don't see what's wrong with them at all. They look great! I loved the iRun idea! It sounds like something Jack would say. :o)

I also like the second shirt but don't see what's wrong with the first. Just curious, what's D say about them? Did he like the first or second set better?

Cool idea!!! You're so good!

carlene federer said...

awesome t's darling girl! u gotta teach me how to do that...soooo much fun the top of my things to do list-get sam drunk and go out and tear shit up, lol!

Samara Link said...

Carlene -- as far as the how to if you ever decide to do this --

T's are from GAP, $14 each when you buy two. Did the design at The site is super self explanatory and ez. Then the people who do office/print here locally. That's why I was able to bring the shirts right to them and then they got my design off the desgnashirt website. EZ peasy. The store in at Anton Sports (Scottsdale and the 202). So, since I brought the Ts in, they only charged me for the printing ($8 each). They normally print on their shirts, but I knew David wouldn't like them. So, I called to ask if I could bring in my own and they were cool with it. When they messed up the first printing, I had to go buy two more shirts though. So, that was kind of a bummer. Otherwise, great experience.

Jen -- the two pictured here are the ones that I got printed the second time. So, yes, they are totally fine. I thought these turned out great! It was the first set that looks like a big sticker on the shirt. :) Oh well. At least printing run two looked good!!

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