Monday, April 27, 2009

{They Do}

I had a chance to go to a wedding as half guest, half photographer
in late February. I met Theresa and Joe -- the bride and groom --
through Lindsay. They had a professional handle the ceremony
with his fancy flash and large lenses. I fluttered around all day
and captured what I could, with a focus on the reception. There
was a great deal of love present there. So, it was a gorgeous day.
Plus, I had fun and got in some good practice. I was absolutely
honored they asked and happy to help out.

I didn't pose anything. Just took it as it happened.
Here's a look at just a few:

Congratulations, Theresa and Joe!


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Beautiful photos! Great job :)

TruJen Phtography said...

You definitely captured the love that day! These are all great photos! My favorite is of the groom taking a photo of the bride. I love that idea! All the pictures of them together are great too. I can feel the love they have for each other!

e said...

great job! i remember meeting her at the shower - so sweet. she was a stunning bride!

t dawg said...

i love the one of anna's shoulder! and the one of joe and i with the girls. and the one of the closeup of joe's face while we were dancing is perfect! ahhh who am i kidding? I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! seriously, Sam. there really are no words that can fully express how awesome it was that you took these pictures. we will cherish them forever!

p.s. "e" - are you the buddy who flew in from seattle? if you are, i LOVED the little beanies you knitted for the girls!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

Great shots. I loved dancing with you that night! You did a great job capturing the night for them! You're a professional! ;)

It's funny to see my childhood friend on your blog!