Thursday, March 05, 2009

{Read Daily - More if Needed}

One of my February 2009 resolutions -- write a mission
statement of intentioned living to read daily. I have some
behaviors I need to make habits! I'm working towards 2010
-- planning to make it my best year in a long, long time. The
. There are a lot of things I need to straighten out for that
to happen. My master plan is to kind of get the basics in order.
Get my brain where I want it to be. Then I'll expand my
statement of intentioned living to include more specifics. My
hope is reading a personal mantra or stating my intentions
aloud will help me get there.

This is one long ass mission statement
...surely to be refined with time
...but it's what I need to hear everyday right now.
Here goes:


I am a human being worth loving. I need not rely on others to feel
self worth. Everything I need is within me. I embody the precious
gift of human life, and today it's up to me to decide what I'm going
to do with it. The time I waste will slip away forever and be easily
forgotten, as it isn't spent on things that are memorable or
satisfying. So, I will spend my time wisely, remembering that this
life of mine is an opportunity. What I do with each day will either
lend to my soul feeling fulfilled or neglected. Today I will work
productively towards my focus. When I am not sure what that
focus is, I will take the time to rediscover it.

Today I will challenge myself to think positively and work toward
growth and inner calm. I will remember to express gratitude. I
will hold myself in a realistic and positive light. I will not spend my
mental energy in judgment of myself or others. Rather, I will
keep my focus on what I can do to have a positive impact. If I do
find myself feeling frustrated with something, I will remember it
is the particular issue I'm struggling with -- that one compartment
-- and that my life as a whole is okay.

I will treat my relationship with David as a priority, paying it care
and attention. I will listen first. I will ask him what he's feeling and
make an effort to understand where he is coming from. When I do
talk, it will be with thought and kindness rather then defense or
self-absorbed argument. I will express my feelings with "I feel"
statements and work towards transparency with him. I will put
energy into our conversations, physical intimacy and gestures of
kindness towards him.

Today I will make healthy choices that are part of the lifestyle I
want to make habitual. I will seek less instant gratification through
food, shopping and errands, and I will put more action into what
will be satisfying in the long term. I will feel only as good as the
foods I eat. So, my foods will be more whole and less processed.
I will eat smaller portions and take care to lower my cholesterol
by eating less sugar. I will hydrate, and I will get at least some
physical activity. I will do the things that make my body feel
fresh, alive and loved. I will do something today to stimulate
my mind. I will do something today to connect with a loved one,
and I will try not to isolate myself if I am feeling badly. I will be
on time so as to avoid rushing, speeding and unnecessary stress.
I will stop and smell the roses, and I will do my part to take care
of the earth. As I'm doing things throughout the day, I will stop
to ask myself if it is contributing to my end goals. If it isn't,
I will change course. I will remember that I can't jump ahead to
where "I want to be". Instead, I will live in the moment with an
eye on my goals aware the work has to come before the reward.
I will remember to smile. I will breath deeply.

And I'll do it all -- starting right now.


Olivia said...

This is AWESOME! I think everyone can benefit from reading your mission statement on a daily basis. Even though it's personal to you, I can relate to so many things you stated. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope it brings you peace!

Sue Thomas said...

I love this, Sam! So much of what you included are things that I strive for as well! I wish you well in your journey!

Kimberly said...

I am so proud of've done some amazing work here! I admire your honesty and intentions.

You and I DO need to connect again soon, one on one...I think we have a lot to offer eachother as we each seek to honor our truth!!

Love you!