Monday, December 08, 2008

{What a Difference a Day Makes}

This is our first Christmas with Oliver, and I think he really
likes it! I liked sharing it with him until this morning.
(More on that in a minute.)

So, now the cat's out of the bag, (pun intended) and you
know we have a fake tree. So bad for the earth. But I didn't
understand that when we bought it years ago, and now that
we have it ... Anyway, here is Mr. Oliver exploring the tree
box, which he was sure was specially purchased for his

Helping his mama put up Christmas lights Saturday morning.

And here he is being adorable in his new spot under the tree.
Pretty lights!

Little did I know this cuteness was about to get ugly!

And when I say ugly...
This morning I woke up and walked out into the living
room. I let the dogs outside and wondered why I didn't
see and hear Oliver like I normally do. So, I was
looking around. That's when I heard this little cracking
noise. I moved my eyes to where my ears had heard it,
and there he was. Three quarters of the way up our
tree, CHEWING on my LIGHTS!

Grrrrr. Now my lights don't work, and I'm not sure how
to fix them or if they're fixable. Bad, Oliver! Someone
is getting put in my office with the door shut when I
leave today! If you have cats, have you had this problem?
If so, how do I keep it from happening again.

Very mad at my bad cat,


Kristi said...

This is EXACTLY why I do not put up a four naughty kitties would be in a lot of trouble!!!

Trujen said...

Smack the shit out of him! Sorry, but he has to learn. Thank goodness Mickey has never climbed our tree. Not sure what he did when he was a kitty but these days he just sits under it.
Good luck!

Miss M! said...

I always thought having a fake tree was better for the Earth because then you weren't chopping down a real one every year. Huh.

I'll tell you, I grew up always having cats in the house, and I never had one climb the tree. They usually just slept under it. I hear it's pretty common though, so I guess we got lucky. I was laughing picturing how shocking it would be to find a cat perched up in the boughs!

JENNY B said...

hi Sam--- we have two fake trees and we live in WASHINGTON where trees are everywhere!! Ok- the cat has never messed with the tree but my dogs ate through my lights and so I spent hours ripping them off and replacing them-- fun days!

Thanks for the blog post for Linds & M-- can't wait to see more pics-- hint, hint!!

carlene federer said...

Don't know much about cats-except that they never forget that their first cousins are Lions, and they behave accordingly...(and who can blame them? ;) LOL!