Tuesday, December 09, 2008

{A Tickle for Your Funny Bone}

Humor to make our days lighter.
That was one of the values my old boss in Dallas had up
on the wall in the office. He really tried to make sure we
set our focus on those values. I always thought it was a
good one. Then, last week, someone encouraged me to
use humor when trying to get through a difficult situation.
He said either way it'll be tough and painful, but if you can
laugh and joke a bit along the way, it'll make it easier on
everyone. Good advice.

I woke up this morning and wanted to spend the day at
home in bed in the worst way. Too bad, so sad. I can't!
Too much to do. When I got a cute email forward from Jen,
I thought I'd use a little humor to make my day lighter.
Hopefully it makes you're day brighter, too.

Yesterday was a busy one.
* I popped by the hospital three different times to see
the Morenos, which was totally the highlight of my day.
* I was able to stop at the book store and snag some Christmas
gifts for the kiddos in our life. Good bargain books deals!
* My story had me running around to pick up and drop off
camera equipment in both the morning and the evening. I
also did a lit interview that I was really happy with. Today,
I'm heading to the booth at ASU to download all my footage.
I'm anxious to see what I was able to get in the past few days.

That's it for today...

p.s. Is it seriously already December 9th???? Oigh.


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Just wanted to say hi :)
There have been a few days lately that I didn't want to get out of bed either (mostly because it is cold, snowy and I am sleep deprived!)

Sue Thomas said...

Loved the funnies, Sam and give Lindsay and Michael big hugs from me!!!!!

carlene federer said...

Hilarious, thanx for sharing, you could NOT be cuter! :)