Wednesday, December 17, 2008


* Finished my semester yesterday. Already looking
forward to a fresh start in January but thrilled to have a
break before then.

* Made the very spontaneous decision to go to Ohio to
visit my brother and his family. Booked the ticket on
Sunday. Leaving very early today, like 4:30 AM early.
So excited to see the kids.

* Haven't been home in way too long. Not going to a
million places like I normally do or even to Michigan
at all. Just going to stay put at Aaron and Pam's. Perfect.
Returning to Phoenix on Christmas Eve.

* Packing winter clothes was fun (once I got my laundry
done). I took way more than I'll need, in true form.
It's fun being a girl.

* Looking so forward to getting a winter fix for the first
time in years. I hope it snows while I'm there.

* Done Christmas shopping. Did a lot less of it this year.

* Decided to pass on Christmas cards, too. Just not
motivated. Figure it'll save a tree. Then, I can send notes
when inspired throughout the year.

* I've been in the mood to scrapbook for weeks now, but
I have yet to have the chance to sit down and do it.

* Worked on the table redo a bit Sunday. Got the table top
painted. Just need to stain the legs when I get back in town.
Excited to see (and share) the finished product.

* I am so behind on emails. So, so behind. It really bothers
me when my inbox isn't up to date.

* Got in at the last minute for an appointment with Chelsie
before leaving. She's amazing. She left me with a lot to
chew on.

* Thinking of the Morenos and those twins. I had a chance
to stop by and visit last night, which was really nice. Linds
and Michael are running and then running some more to
keep up with everything. Feedings every three hours, going
to spend time with Boston in the NICU. It's a lot, and I send
hugs and thoughts their way.

* Happy for my friend Julie who just had a baby boy --
Elijah Owen.

* I hate speed radar cameras. Hate them.

* I'm going to miss my animals while I'm gone...
David, please give them extra kisses for me.


JENNY B said...

hey Sam-- have a great trip home! Congrats on finishing your semester. I too, am basically passing on cards-- just doing a few for close friends and family. Have a blessed Christmas!

Miss M! said...

LOVE that photo of you - your hair looks super cute. Have fun on your trip!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

i miss you already. can't wait to see you when you get back. Have fun in the cold with your brother and nieces and nephew!!! :)

Love ya.


Kristi said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your brother and his family :)
Enjoy the cold winter might love AZ even more once you remember what real midwest winter is like!

carlene federer said...

Have fun on your visit with your family and don't freeze!

Lis said...

Have fun! I love your new blog look! Great header picture! It was nice to see/meet you finally! Although i feel like i already knew you!!! =) Know you!

Samara Link said...

I just read through this and found I spelled poor Michael's name wrong. Type-o. I hate when I do that. Ladies, feel free to let me know whenever you see something like that so I can fix it before everyone thinks I think Michael is spelled Micheal. :)