Sunday, October 19, 2008

{Facepainting & Voting = Fun}

Today was a nice finish to the weekend...
*We slept in!
*Took the dogs to the grass patch
*Went to D's company picnic (where I got the butterfly)

*Took a power nap while D scalped and overseeded the yard
*Had dinner (Trader Joe's turkey meatloaf is good)

*Went for frozen yogurt
*Hung out together

Hope you had a nice weekend, too!


Lis said...

CUTE SAM! I love the face painting!!!

Kim Kwan said...

yay voters!
i voted a couple of weeks we just need to say our prayers and keep our fingers crossed!!

I'm also thinking we need to come up with more excuses to hang out...I am missin' you! I know once the babies arrive there will be lots of excuses...I'm looking forward to it!!

Hey, also wanted to still working over at ch 15??