Friday, October 03, 2008

{A Day in the Life of a Girl...}

Brought my camera to the new downtown campus.
This is only a tiny bit of what's there. (Perhaps I'll
do a round two next semester when I'm using the
studios.) This is where I am four days a week. I love
it down there. The facilities are just amazing, and if
I can figure out how to stop getting parking tickets,
it'll be perfect.

Walter Cronkite Building. David's company (PCI)
helped build this, which I just think is so cool.

Exterior glass wall art. There are metal bars
in it that spin when the sun heats them up.

Night view

Leaving my building as the sun is going down.

Taylor Place - brand new dorms across the street.

Inside, the First Amendment is on every floor.

This is what it's all about.

There's always something going on here. They do a lot of
weekly events -- speakers, movies, discussion panels.
Everything is pretty well advertised so you know what's

The First Amendment Forum as seen from the second
floor. Such a nice space to study. That room to the left
is behind glass. So, it's a quiet area with tables and
computers. CNN is always on. This is where they hold
the events I mentioned above.

Halls are marked with special projects, reports and photos.

We have what we need to do our own news making.
This is the equipment lab check out area. We reserve
what we need and pick it up, 24 hours at a time.

Self portraits of me carrying my camera
and tripod to the car for a shoot.

The new edit bays are so nice. SO NICE.
Lined up in a row with glass doors, just like
what the pros use -- and a HUGE improvement
from what we had in the old building. Huge.
The old broadcast lab was a complete hole.

Here's a peak into one of the bays.

We edit on Final Cut Pro.

Staircase from the 5th floor.

I'm actually off to do a shoot this morning.
Here's hoping it's a good one...


Kristi said...

Beautiful campus and buildings! What is the program you are studying? I would like to learn more about both photography and videography!

carlene federer said...

dang girl, remember me when you're the next Diane Sawyer! great pix!