Sunday, September 28, 2008

{Trail Tale}

UPDATE: Overall Jason came in 46th, David 51st,
and Barb 54th. They all did *GREAT* in their
divisions. Jason 3rd & David 4th. Barb placed 7th.
Impressive, guys! Way to go!!

David, Barb & Jason signed up for another run over the weekend!
This one was an 11-mile trail run in Tucson. I went so I could take
a walk while they were running and to document. Here's a photo
story of their day...

We left Chandler at 3:30AM and got there nice and early,
A spot in the main lot was ours to be had. :)

It was a beautiful morning.

This is Barb and Jason.
The crisp air was actually really nice!

D and me

David's diet coke and protein bar had obviously
kicked in by this point. He was ready!

Ready, set, GO! Notice how almost everyone is looking
down setting their watches?

There's my group. Good luck, guys!

They had a lovely spot to run, but I saw
lots of hills and hard work in their future!!

Beautiful scenery everywhere.

Arizona doesn't hurt for beauty.

Here's one more peak!

They were off! What an awesome way to start the day.
So proud of them!

I stood at a turning point in the trail to cheer them on.
Uphill. In sand. Go baby, go!

Have I mentioned how hot I think his calves are?!
Case. In. Point!

After my walk, I waited at the finish line for them.

The organisers did a good job setting up.

They had a DJ/MC who played music and
announced everyone as they ran through
the finish.

Crossing the finish line...

Afterwards, we took a peak at the AZ reptile display.
We touched this snake! Here's Barb checking it out.

This guy is a Sonoran Desert Toad, and he was
NOT small. Definitely bigger than my fist.

D, Barb and J -- after the race and breakfast!

The Hendricks are doing at least one race
every month together in 2008. A really cool
couple goal, I think. They're off to the
marathon in DC next month.

The end.


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Really makes me miss Tucson even more.....

TruJen Phtography said...

Very nice photo story!
The shots are great!
I really like the one of the snake with Barb looking on.
How the snake is in focus but it points to Barb. Perfect!
And that has to be the biggest toad I've ever seen.
Ok, I sound like I'm critiquing your school project. :o)

carlene federer said...

Wow, small world, I was in Tucson this weekend too! 6 mile hike in Sabino Canyon...GORGEOUS!!!

Lindsey said...

What cool photos - I love the one with the moon. I am soooo very jealous of their running talents. Keep posting about them, I need the motivation :)