Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{There Were Two}

The process of a baby growing inside a woman is incredible.
It's just amazing! Your body does all these things to prepare
and adjust. Watching Lindsay's bump grow has been a lot of
fun, and since she's carrying twins, it's twice as special.

We made a date last weekend to document her belly.
She walked me through shooting in raw again, which was
fabulous practice for me. And she ended up with about 40
photos she was happy with. A success! This was a combined
effort. I shot and she edited. I think they turned out
beautifully! She looks amazing. Here are a few she was
comfortable sharing...

Thanks for stopping in today.

p.s. Happy 62nd birthday wishes to my father-in-law!


Miss M! said...

You did a really good job! They came out very nice.

I see she was smart and took out her navel piercing, unlike SOMEONE I know... **coughcoughiamanidiotcough**

Kristi said...

The pregnancy photos turned out great! Lindsay is beautiful, so excited for her!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

you did an awesome job Sam! Thanks!!! It's not every day that I get buck ass naked in front of someone and let them take pictures (actually, i think i can say NEVER). It seems you've found me in this no-clothes predicament on more than one occasion. Seriously, I should put on more clothes when you're around. So glad you're still my friend!


Lis said...


I love all these. I swear anyone could be in a magazine!!!

Power Up Love said...

the greatest gift...

Sasha said...

Sam, these are beautiful! I think you definitely have "the eye" to do this professionally! Wonderful ideas! Wish pregnancy would've looked that good on me =)