Thursday, August 21, 2008


Friends: I have the best girl friends ever. Lately, I've really
needed them and they have totally been there for me. It feels
amazing to know there are people in my world that love me
and are there to catch me when I need it, no matter what. I
feel completely fortunate to have them in my life.

Entertainment: I'm really excited for fall programming
and movies to come out. There has been nothing on TV.
So, I've been going to the movie theatre more this year
then ever before, but the movies that are out during the
summer leave a lot to be desired. Wall-E and The Dark
Knight were awesome though. Wanted was good. I really
liked Pineapple Express, too. But there have been a lot of
others that were just okay. I'd heard good things about
Weeds (on Showtime). So, I picked up the first season a
couple weeks ago and promptly became hooked. It's so
good. Now, I'm a third of the way through the third season
and sad that the end is near!

Politics: I'm having a little party-for-one on August 28th
at my house to watch Senator Obama officially accept the
presidential nomination for the Democratic party. I'm also
really looking forward to finding out who he has chosen to
be on the ticket with him. It sounds like that announcement
may come on Saturday during his rally in Illinois.

Health: I started going to the chiropractor recently.
(Both of us have.) It makes me feel good. Dr. Dallas told me
my left hip is three-quarters of an inch higher than my
right hip, and that while its nothing serious, it may be the
reason my hips always feel achy. (That's where I carry
my stress.) So, he's working on that and a couple other
spots in my upper back. He has me do ten or 15 minutes
of stretches, ten minutes on a massaging table and then
he adjusts me. It's a really nice way to start the day!
The x-rays showed everything else to be in pretty good
order. My dad had a ton of back problems, and I'm happy
to see that I haven't inherited them. I also went in for a
physical this week. Our family doctor is phenomenal. We
had the best talk. I feel so lucky to have found her. I'm
still taking Lexapro, but the doc I was seeing for that is
terrible, and I just couldn't drag myself back in there again.
She said she could totally help me with that though. So, I
don't have to go back to him. I was thrilled! (I thought I was
ready to start weening off it recently, but it turns out life
hasn't slowed down enough for that yet. Someday.) She
was also able to solve the mystery of the insane itchiness
I've had on the back of my knees for the past several months.
It's eczema. That's new -- I've never had it before. But I'll
take eczema over something bad any day. Lately, I've been
feeling thankful for health insurance and good health.

School: Classes start on Monday, August 25th. I am so
excited. More on that the week of. For now, just know
I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Weather: It's still hot in Phoenix. Like, way hot. 103-110
every lovely day. I dream of cool mornings and evenings.
I fantasize about being able to wear jeans without wanting
to cut them off when walking through a large black top parking
lot that radiates heat from below as the sun beats down from
above, making me into a heat sandwich. I imagine being
able to go for an hour walk and returning with light, dainty
sweat beads on my forehead instead of being completely
soaked from head to two in my own perspiration. I want to
have my coffee outside in the morning so I can listen to
birds chirp and watch the dogs sniff around. Those wishes
should be granted come November. Ahhh, the desert.
Or "the kiln" as Kim calls it.

Travel: I had planned a trip to Michigan and Ohio with
David to visit family, but I ended up having to cancel. I'm
trying to figure out when my next opportunity to go will
be, and I'm thinking Thanksgiving may be it. What thrills
me about that prospect is it'll be fall then, and the midwest
is perfection in the fall. My favorite season! I love the colors
and the crisp lightness of the air. You get to wear layers
and take walks outside that leave your cheeks flushed and
the tip of your nose red. You get to go to the cider mill and
have homemade doughnuts and cider. I hope it works out!
We shall see. In the meantime, I took a long awaited day
trip to the Grand Canyon. It was incredible. Breathtaking.
Sensational. Pure beauty. Natural perfection. I am so glad
I went. Now I want to go back to hike and camp there.

And that's a wrap.
Hope you're having a good week.

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you mean Lindsay won't be at your Obama party?

bwahahahaha - sorry, I couldn't resist!