Monday, August 25, 2008


You know ... today was a good day.
A really good day!
I felt happy and excited.
After a long couple-a-weeks, a day
like that was way overdue.

I had breakfast with my gal pal, Lindsay, at a place
that was new to me. And then after stretching and
getting adjusted at the chiropractor, I got ready for
my first day of school. I went down to Tempe and
found my new parking lot without a problem (after
scouting it out this weekend with David). I took the
shuttle for the first time ever to the new downtown
Phoenix campus, which is now home to the journalism
school. Our building is so nice. I met a few people. It
looks like my first prof (of four) is going to be excellent.
And tonight, I feel great!

No time for details at the moment.
I have two puppies that are so happy to have
me home. So, I'm going to spend the next hour
giving them my undivided attention. I'll post
more soon...

Sweet dreams.


SplendidlyImperfect said...

You post about a great breakfast place and don't say where it is? Tease!

Actually, I don't get up early enough to go out for breakfast, who am I kidding?

I checked out the blog link you left me - those were really cute! I should do more piping.

TruJen Phtography said...

Yea! So good to hear!
I'm glad you had a wonderful day. I'm sure many more will come your way.
I left you a message on your cell last night. Just wanted to wish you a good first day!
Can't wait for details.
Love ya!

Jen said...

So nice to see your smile...glad you had a good day!

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

so happy to hear you had a bright day yesterday! Breakfast was awesome! This semester is going to be great...even with setbacks, you're going to make it through, you're going to get good grades and you're going to learn a lot. You're that much closer to graduating!!!

I love you girl!


t dawg said...

Aren't days like that just awesome? It's been awhile for me, too. So glad you had such a good one.

By the way, you're such a good mom!! You have motivated me to go give my undivided attention to Lucy now.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day! your semester sounds like it will be fun - enjoy!