Monday, June 30, 2008

{Sur le Papier}

Yay! Pages!
It's been awhile.
Finally sat down to get some new stuff on paper.

Made this one a couple weeks ago.
Subject: Me
Photo: by David (at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens)
Title: Take Time
Journaling: One of my favorite parts of the journey is
taking time to think, grow, realise, and decide who I'm
evolving into and what I want out of this life.
A life unexamined is not worth living.

Made this at Lindsay's house over the weekend.
Subject: Link family
Photo: by Lindsay (camping, Sedona, w/ the Morenos, April '08)
Title: Back to Basics
Journaling: Camping has become a favorite family activity.
Being together without distraction, surrounded by nature,
really lets us focus on each other.

I put two album pages for the Bay Box together also.
(I filled my first BB to capacity and
have moved on to the second one.)

My beautiful Killian ('06)
He was just over a year old here. I took these when we
were playing outside at D's parents in Michigan.

David and me -- At our rehearsal dinner (11.28.03)
taking a minute to exchange a special gift with each other.

Twelve pictures down. A million to go...
I'm on a bit of a roll, baby!

What are you up to on the first day of July?


TruJen Phtography said...

I love that your so good at keeping up with scrapbooking! It really is inspiring.
Love your journaling for Take Time!
And I love the progressive photos from your gift exchanging. So fun!

The McKellar Family said...

Hey Sam! We sure do miss having you and David around to hang out with. Life has been pretty crazy trying to keep up with the kiddos and having to work all of the time.

I must say you have quite a nice looking family too. I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now. You always have such great pictures. I'm glad things are better for you and that you were able to get back into school this summer. Keep up the good work. You'll make a great journalist.

I checked out the little ditty you did on tv not to long ago. Way to go! I wish you could have had more face time. Darn those hidden cameras. LOL.

Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your layout, Take Time - calm, yet bursts of color! Great design elements and a lovely photo! NICE!