Thursday, July 03, 2008

{I've Been Documenting My Ass Off}

I have a huge folder filled with photos;
(say that ten times fast).
It's my current mission to work through some
of them and get them into my Bay Box Album.
I'm not letting myself order any more pictures
for scrapbooking until I knock out a dozon of these.
Here are the first six...

Aaron and Pam's visit to Arizona in March of '08.

My sweet, little Oliver. He's such a good partner.

A double of our trip to Napa with David's company
in January of '07.

Pictures from the first time I got to touch the Pacific Ocean!
Also on a PCI company trip.

Another double pager -- this time of Jen Truman
with her family.

While I had my Truman pictures out, I did a page of
these. It's Scott playing with Jack in the snow at
their house in Michigan. Jennifer shot these on old
black and white film. I love that she sent me copies!

That's it for today. I hope you're all having a
great Thursday. David got back yesterday from
a whirlwind week of travels. I just finished my
Broadcast News Writing Class. So, it's a good day

1 comment:

TruJen Phtography said...

So fun!
I love the DPS on Napa. Those pictures are AMAZING!
And I love that you've scraped the pictures I've sent you. I've totally forgotten about the one with Ian, mom and me on Mother's Day. Look at how long my hair is. I miss it so much!
You know what else I love about the "Truman" pages, that you have many pictures on one page; just like I like them. I do understand that these are the album pages, but still...
Thank you so much!