Thursday, July 17, 2008

{Scrapbooks, etc.}

More pages to share!

I really like the way it turned out! Except that I put '08
instead of '07. I changed it on the page but wasn't motivated
to rescan it. It's from snorkeling in Hawaii on PCI Company
Trip. David did a great job of snapping pictures when we were
under water.

This picture cracks me up! Killian got so big so fast,
but he still had a puppy spirt. I was down on his level
taking pictures of him, and he couldn't resist coming
to say hi!

Here I am with my brother, Aaron.
See the resemblance? :)
We were at the bowling alley in Indiana
for Aidan's 7th birthday. Aidan actually
took this picture. Not bad!!

Another letter project. This one a birthday treat
for Jennifer Jones that I made a month or two ago.

It's time for me to finish cleaning the house.
David gets home this evening from Oregon! WOO-HOO!!!


Trujen said...

Look at you busy lady!
Super fun pages!
Love the snorkeling.

t dawg said...

You're right....DOGS RULE!!

he he

You and Lindsay are just so wonderfully talented! You guys make some really neat stuff and your take awesome pictures, too. Keep up the awesome creativity!!

Jen said...

Great photo of you and your brother!

Julie Hoopes said...

I can't believe how many scrapbook pages you get done!!! I'm SO jealous. I know you asked for me to post some of mine, but I really haven't scrapbooked anything in quite some time. I need to change that, for sure.