Sunday, May 18, 2008

{Where the Magic Happens}

Not that kind of magic!

The ladies at PCI (where David works) asked me
to swing by with my camera to help them out with
a little project the other day. While I was waiting for
them to get around, I thought I'd snap a few of D in
his office so you could see where he spends his days.
(This is mostly for D's parents.) He didn't see this
as the clever idea that I did. So, I got him in his
work face. So serious!

PCI has been a great thing for him and us in so many
ways. I'm proud of what he's done there in the past
seven years!


Trujen said...

Wow, that's a pretty big office!
I'm totally envious of that big ole workspace behind D! That'd be a perfect scrapbooking station! :o)

e said...

cute pictures! that's a great desk that he's got. what does he do?