Monday, May 05, 2008

{Brown Eyed Girl + Mom}

I had an awesome opportunity to practice my photography
during a photoshoot with some friends of ours. An absolutely
adorable family. Cynthia and James make beautiful babies!

I learned a lot -- there are some things I saw after the fact
that I will correct next time, (i.e., poor DOF in first photo).
But it was fun and a really good learning experience for me.
Here are a few from the day. (More to come when I can figure
out how to get back into my E Drive.)


Trujen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!! And I love the color manipulation you did!

Talk more later.
Will be free later in the day tomorrow. (Wed.)
I'll call you.

Samara Link said...

thanks, jen! lindsay actually edited the second to the last one with an effect i don't have on photoshop elements. and then on the final one, she did an eye lightening deal to help bring out the catch lights even more. i love it, and i so much want to buy myself that version of photoshop maybe david or santa will get it for me for chirstmas! anyway, thanks so much for your nice note. talk to you tomorrow.

Lindsay Teague said...

love these girl! you did a really good job. i'm sure mom is thrilled! she is adorable. awesome skin!


Kim Kwan said...

today must be the day for delish nude baby bunz on blogs! super photos, girl!