Monday, May 05, 2008

{Have a Look See}

Did a little makin' over the weekend!

D and me on top of the Empire State Building, January 2006 -
put this together at Lindsay's house Friday night.

And then this one came around the next day --
love how this turned out! It came from multiple sources of
inspiration . . .

a) I wanted to do a page that had some good me content

b) I heard a story on npr a couple weeks ago about this author
who asked random people for their to-do lists, and she wrote a
book about them and what they said about people's dreams a
and what we think about culturally. Super interesting.

c) David had the best suggestion on Saturday morning:
"Let's both make a list of 20 things we want to do before
we die". What a great idea! Something we can work on
together. I loved it, and it immediately got me thinking
about living with intent and what i want to do and give
in this lifetime. I haven't written my list officially, but I
started mulling it over. There are a couple things on this
page i think will end up there.

I'm having some computer issues - can't seem to
open my external hard drive where all my pictures
are stored. it's got me totally perplexed and
completely freaked out. Once i find my way back into
it, I have loads of photos to post.

Happy Monday to all of you!


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

awesome awesome awesome! i love the content on that 2nd one! It was fun watching the 1st one evolve the other night! Great work, girl!


TruJen Phtography said...

You need to frame your YOU page! It's amazing! I love it and want to do my own version.
:o) Great Job!