Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Darlings;
We're apart that's true.
But I can dream and in my dreams,
I'm Christmas-ing with you.

(You know those weren't my words, right?
We can thank the Carpenters for them.)

I'd like to share some of the Santa sprinkles we've collected.
It's like an open house for those who are too far away
to stop over for a cup of eggnog in person. Shall we?

Here is a closer look of the things in the photo above...

And elsewhere...

Ta da! I love our tree. I think we both do.
Decorating it makes me so happy.

This is my first year ever decorating the outside
of a house. I was a little sad not to have gotten
lights up around the perimeter, but that's okay
because it's still merry and bright. We'll get to
that next year, hopefully.

David thinks the candy canes are a bit WT. I like them!
He came home from work one night and rescued
me from myself by helping me put the garland
around the door. His staple gun did work better
than my hammer and finishing nails, I must admit!

It's the things we've collected over the years that are special
-- full of memories. Like the three stockings I still have and
hang that are from my second Christmas ever (1996). I bought
them for myself and my two roommates, Jen (Truman) and Lisa.

Then unpacking the ornaments is just one memory after another.
D's mom has given us a lovely one with the date on it for each
anniversary, for example. There are a lot of special things like
that that make decorating for the holidays so much fun.

Time to relax, enjoy and celebrate!
I'm off to finish wrapping a few treats for D

before he gets home from golf.
I hope you're all enjoying the season.
You're most certainly in my thoughts...

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TruJen Phtography said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Definitely can feel the holiday spirit in your house!
I love your runner! Very pretty. Your tree is gorgeous.
:o) Merry Christmas!

ps. I like the outdoors!