Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Summer classes are now officially over.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hall-e-lu-jah!
Six credits and two political science courses
down. My classes were great -- the second
one was just a ton (I mean a TON) of work.
So, I'm glad to have it behind me.

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This is my 100th blog entry. Pretty cool, huh?

I originally started the site so all of you could
travel to Ireland with us. It's turned into a
wonderful way to keep in touch with everyone
we're so far away from -- making the distance
seem a little smaller than it is. It means a lot to
me when I hear people read and enjoy it, and
we've really appreciated all of you that respond
with emails, calls and pictures in kind.

To mark my 100th, I've decided to get back to
the spirit of sharing the local sites. While
Arizona might not be quite as exciting as
Ireland was, it'll give you a better idea of
what we see everyday.

Anyone up for a trip to ASU? Welcome to
Sun Devils Country!

I had a few things to do on campus today,
so I brought my camera along. Unfortunately,
there are almost no students there right now. So,
it looks kind of desolate. You'll just have to
imagine it full of students like it normally is.
These aren't really beautiful from a photography
stand point, but I think it will show you what I
see when I walk through campus everyday. I'll
have to go back for round two. It was kind of
tough to get it all in one sitting. Anyway, I think
this is a good start. So, let's hit the road. First stop...

Just a regular street sign -- I was playing with photoshop.

Coor Hall. Nice building. Spend a lot of time here.
The class rooms are on the main level and in the
basement. The rooms all have theatre seating, lap
top plugins, and media components. This is also
where the computer lab is that I always use and
most of my poli sci classes are here.

This is the journalism and communications building.
We're in the process of getting a compound built
downtown for it. It's going to be amazing -- state of
the art everything and it'll be close to all the news
outlets, which will be cool. This is where I go when
I have to see my advisor, and of course, I've had a
few classes here, too including television productions
in the attached studio behind this building.

This is a not-very-impressive picture of the language
and lit building. It's kind of an old building but it does
the trick.

Art Museum

Lecture hall right on University Drive

New entrance to the main bookstore

Palm Walk

Bridge over University Drive going into campus

The other bookstore

A Mountain

The Student Memorial Union -- which has everything.
TVs and couches, a market store, almost every kind of
food, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, music store, dry cleaning,
a place to get your ink cartridges refilled, and an ASU
store. They even have four bowling lanes and pool tables.
I don't spend much time here, but it's nice to have some
lunch options once in a while.

The other side of the MU (the building above)
They do quite a bit in this open area in front of the
building -- mobile blood drives and music. Stuff like

A lot happens on the lawn -- bands play, they hold debates,
have booths for different clubs around campus, book sales,

Closer view of the picture before this -- this is the back side
of the Hayden Library entrance

Steps going down to Hayden

This is the library where I study. There's a little place just
inside the doors with the best vegetable shwarma.

Lots of pretty, nice places to study and read.

Old Main

This is over by the music education area -- concert hall just
around the corner

Gammage Auditorum -- this is like the Wharton Center
at MSU. Plays, lectures, music. One of the Bush/Kerry
debates was held here when they were running against
each other.

Arhed lamp posts in front of Gammage. Kind of 70s deco
but they're cool.


Anonymous said...

Love "The Mountain". Can't wait to see you!

Lindsay Teague said...

i love that last picture! You are crazy for not thinking you took good pictures!!! :) CALL ME CALL ME CALL ME CALL ME!!!!!

Trujen said...

Great post! Nice to see your everyday sights.
All the clay buildings look so nice. I love the library; how it's set down into the ground. And the lamp posts are awesome!

Thanks for sharing. Now call me!
:o) Miss you,