Thursday, August 09, 2007

David's Little Swimmers

This is not, in fact, a post about David's sperm --
but once the idea popped into my head, I just
couldn't resist. :)

I was in the office working on a paper a few weeks
ago when I heard sounds of fun coming from the
backyard. David was in the pool with Killian and
Norah. So, I took a break to document their play
time. Unfortunately these pictures don't capture
how hilarious these two are when jumping into the
water, but believe me when I say they're a riot.

Killian LOVES to jump in after tennis balls.
The splash he makes turns the water into a wave pool.

Here is Norah launching herself from the side of the
pool directly onto Killian's head after he jumped in after
a ball. She gets some pretty solid air for such a little
thing! She's a total crack up. We have become so
attached to her in such a short time.

Eight seconds of quiet before the next jump.

Norah propelling off the steps to get the ball. Squirrel!

I'm not sure exactly where they were in such a big
hurry to get to here. They're kinda runnin' out of
water, but where one swims the other must follow.

Yes, Killian has two balls in his mouth -- just so
Norah can't have any. This is classic big brother

You gotta love summer. Hope you're all enjoying
yours as much as these water babies are.


I just got back from taking David to the airport. He's off to
New Mexico for a golf weekend. I hope you have a great
time, baby. We'll be missing you!

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TruJen Phtography said...

What amazing pictures! I can't believe your kids love to dive into the water!
Norah looks like a flying squirrel when she jumps into the pool. And Killian not sharing!
:o) So fun!